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Cilantro may taste like:

- like a big, pile of bitterness
- Powdered milk soup.
- aluminum foil
- cheap soap
- dirty clothes
- 像椿象逃跑时发出的臭味
- rubber cement
- a brillo pad
- Pantatomidae
- stink bug
- If you took a bite out of a bar of soap you found on the side of the road
- If you ate the plastic bottle of 30 year old dish soap
- burnt rubber
- spicy soap
- bitter stuff
- soap
- dirty dishwater
- a sidewalk in China
- Detergent
- Burnt used baby wipes
- dish soap
- embalming fluid, formaldehyde... the way dissected animals smelt in high school biology lab
- It tastes like dead soap and human suffering.
- Fertilizer dirt perfume made with tobacco
- how bleach smells
- paint
- Soap
- Like someone put nickels and sulfur in a blender and proceeded to disguise as acceptable.
- Motor Oil
- a beetle-filled cigarette rolled in kudzu leaves
- dish water
- the underside of a welcome mat
- Boraxo with orange rind shavings
- soap
- toxic chemicals
- overpowered mint and cinnamon
- an elevator full of baby wipes.
- Cheap vodka
- tap water mixed with soap and detergent
- stink bugs
- Stamp glue
- rancid baby vomit
- Windsor Pinesol
- Minty cheese
- Rancid body odor
- Corpse feet and dish soap
- Wet jeans
- Soap
- Rotten kimchi
- kerosene smells
- water, dirt, metal, and plant all of this united
- Comet Cleanser
- plastic lemon feet
- rancid corpse sprinkled with rotting garbage
- A poisonous mix of ivory soap, burned brake fluid, skunk spray, crushed stink bugs, mold, and decomposing fish heads!
- bug spray
- burnt plastic and blood
- Vomit
- mule urine and soap soaked weeds
- black licorice
- stink bugs
- soap-flavored soap
- Soap... cheap dish detergent kind
- Soapy dishwater
- Dirt!
- Stink bugs
- Grapefruit sprinkled with Kerosene & sprayed with mint to try to cover the taste. It is worse than a vomit burp!
- paint thinner / turpentine
- Irish Spring soap
- feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon
- A burnt vacuum cleaner belt mixed with cat piss and soap.
- vomit
- pencil shavings
- soap and baby puke
- Dirty dish water
- Moldy carpet
- A Moldy shoe, with extra mold. . . did I mention mold ?
- soap, mould, kerosene, cod liver oil, and burned rubber.
- Minty fresh turpentine - only more pungent and less palatable.
- foul minty noxious chemicals
- Rancid, metallic green perfume
- a diesel fuel explosion
- grass and nickles
- Soap
- a clump of dried lawn-clippings, seasoned ever so slightly with pine-sol
- Bath water
- Toy fire truck
- Soil and Roots
- battery acid mixed with bleach, rubbing alcohol ammonia and rancid butter
- metal
- kerosene and mint
- a bag of hair with an onion inside, on fire
- like putting your tongue on a 9 volt battery
- Washing up liquid
- old leather furniture
- wet hair with cheap shampoo lathered in
- grass flavored snow cone with rusted iron sprinkles
- Tastes like the smell of car exhaust.
- Old dirty dishrags
- licking a handful of dirty change.
- plastic
- purpose face soap covered with onions
- cat pee
- Poop, plastic and soap mixed
- Poop, plastic and soap mixed
- a mouthful of ivory soap
- spicy, dirty, mildewed laundry
- Dirty soap
- rotting vegetables mashed with rotting stinkbugs
- putrid horrible greens
- something rotten
- dirty kitchen sponge fragment
- Pesticide
- aluminum foil
- an envelope seal
- soapy flannel
- soap/laundry detergent
- gasoline
- bat ****
- Wet Dog
- like it's been in a sweaty boot in 100 degree weather for a week..
- dirty soap!
- soap
- my spanish grandma's christmas potpurri
- Powdered Soap and metal shavings.
- Dishwashing detergent
- horrible stink bugs
- stink bugs
- Joy dishwashing detergent
- Joy dishwashing detergent
- Dishwashing detergent
- Bitter Blanket
- a cigarette if you ate it
- Latex
- Musty Basement
- palmolive dish soap
- Pungent foul weeds
- blood
- Dish Soap
- worn out rubber bands
- laundry detergent
- soapy pennies. A friend once suggested cutting out the middle man and just offering pennies in a dish of soap, and you could lick them off and place the licked pennies in a bowl like edamame.
- Soap marinating in rubber cement
- moldy rags
- soapy lawn clippings
- gym socks
- cleaning chemicals
- A moldy swimsuit that's been left to fester in a high school locker
- compost
- inside of a freshly cut-open rubber ball
- Realy old, damp socks with extra mold
- burnt rubber, dirt and metal combo
- cheap cologne
- Mildew
- dirty water
- smell of old coins
- bitter soap, but worse.
- perfume
- Wet Underwear
- chlorine
- Soapy dark dirt
- rancid metallic soap
- lemon washing up liquid
- ear wax
- Dirt
- sucking on a dryer vent
- garbage babies
- mud
- Battery juice
- Ivory Soap
- scotch tape
- soap
- Toxic Metal Cleaner
- skunk
- metal
- dandelions
- mildew
- stink bugs
- rotten eggs
- burnt rubber
- doll hair
- rotting meat

Cilantro taste test.

One of our staff members emailed his mother about whether or not she liked cilantro. Her response gave us an interesting idea. Here's how the email conversation went...

Staff Member: By the way, do you like cilantro? I think it tastes awful and I heard that's genetic - but hereditary?

Mom: I don't think I've ever had cilantro, but if I see it at the store, I'll get some to try.

S: Get fresh cilantro leaves. Really fresh aren't as bad I don't think - but if it sits for a couple days it gets worse.

M: I got the cilantro; should I taste it cold or warm?

S: Probably warm. It should look like a garnish, like parsley.

Survey says...

M: It must be true. I've finally met a vegetable I don't like!

S: Really? What does it taste like? Some people describe it as soapy.

M: Mmm. not soapy, but not like food, either. At least not like a vegetable. I expected maybe bitter, because vegetables people don't like are usually bitter. This was more like a closet might smell...translated into a taste. I pictured shoes. The taste lingers, too.

So there it was: shoes. We wondered, what else could cilantro taste like? More importantly, what does cilantro taste like to you?

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