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A Story

When my favorite chef 'jamie oliver' put herb called 'coriander' on everything, I felt like I already love the herb. Then I visited my boyfriend(now husband) in United kingdom and he took me to little cute store in village, and the moment that I saw packet of coriander seeds, it felt so nostalgic.
I came back to home(South Korea) and I planted that seed in my little apartment.. so happy waiting for it, I watered every day. And the day it looked exactly the same as the leave that Jamie Oliver put on top of his food, I harvest it and I tasted it. The expression I had on my face in that moment, I don't want to think about it. Me and my husband we are now living in california, and coriander is everywhere here with different name 'coriander'. I still ruin my dinner date sometimes when I forget to tell waitress about coriander, and they literally chopped coriander and put in whole dish. Just had Mexican food for lunch and I could pick just lettuce and sour cream for topping..everything else has coriander in it. Just thought about it today and found this site. I have amazing husband who tries to keep coriander away from me and I am still big fan of Jamie Oliver. Good night, every anticoriander friends