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Username: austin
Name: Austin M.
Member for: 14.23 years
Last Login: September 21, 2019
Sex: M
Age: 39
Location: San Francisco  CA
United States
Stance: I hate cilantro.

What does cilantro taste like to you?
Most Hated Cilantro-Containing Food:
Do people in your family hate cilantro, too? Who?
not really. it's motivation for starting my own family.
If cilantro were a historical malevolent dictator, who would it be? Why?
Mussolini. His name sounds like a food.
My cilantro story, first experience, recent anecdote, rant, etc...
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More about me:
Sometimes I blog on IHC!
My Haikus
A cilantro feast
is best for somebody who
is burning in hell.
I'm a regular.
They don't see me shunning it.
Why don't I tell them?
for a little while
hating cilantro was hard.
it's easy again.
I am cilantro,
an abomination not
meant to exist here.
Another haiku
for testing a
new email feature!
We and everything
in the world are made from stars!
Except cilantro.
poetry is art!
all poems are great, less so
rules... and cilantro.

Comments left for austin:

You are more of a hero than Superman.

Hi Austin, I guess I read it in a column by Sylvia Witteman, who is posted in Washington DC for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant a few weeks ago. Incidentally, she suggests to get your kids acquainted first to cilantro and only then to soap (as, she claims, it is more important to have good food (?) then clean kids).

Thanks for helping me with my picture, Austin!

First of all, it's russian edition of Esquire. Then, I have the magazine at home and probably could scan it and send the picture to you. If you want the russian version.

An article abuot this site was published in Esquire magazine

I think it was a live broadcast from where ever they were playing in Atlanta, so it may have been recorded... I'm not really sure now. The radio station was Dave 92.9, if you want to look into it.

I was listening to a live Guster concert on the radio, and one of the band members (I don't remember which one now) mentioned that he'd just joined this website. And since I too hate cilantro, I found this website and joined.

although none of it is "true" in the sense that it "happened", there is a long story that goes with that haiku. my friend and i have been battling out our conflicting views about cilantro the past few days.

i love your haiku. this website is brightening my day!

hi austin, dodgee was right it was british tele, they did ridicule this site but only because they don't understand just how us cilantro haters feel, they don't understand sometimes you just need a way to express your feelings without hurting other people,forgive jennie barnet i don't believe she dislikes any food.

HI THERE, the episode of 'good foodlive' was on 'uktvfood' a SKY satellite digital channel (259) here in the UK. Ithink it was shwn last Tuesday or Wednesday about 29/30 August. It was presented by Jenny Baker and they mentioned this web site because we in the uk know of "cilantro" more by the name of "coriander". they were poking fun at the comments posted and mentioned a few of their own pet hates one being that two of the guests chefs also hated MARZIPAN. The parting shot was perhaps someone should start a rival web site called 'I love the fools

Hi Austin This site was just mentioned very briefly while demonstrating a recipe that used Cilantro - was on September 5... lets hope lots more join

it tastes like a baby that fell in the garbage. bee!

Hey, Austin I DO have a friend in Halifax who did try to join the site but I don't know if it's the same person. She was just here in Vancouver and I gave her an I hate Cilantro button. I am happy to see the numbers growing here, Keep up the great work! Ryan

where did you get that sweet button?

i'm like tom on myspace. :)

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