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Hi, I'm Austin

, Austin

I've been a member of IHC for 10 years. Now that there's a blog I'm writing posts for it. This is my first.

One thing I've learned since joining is that some people taste cilantro differently than I do. To me cilantro tastes like something went bad, sour, or rotten. It also has a "wet dog" smell. If it's really fresh then the taste and smell are pretty mild.

That's another thing I've learned: some people hate it much more than I do!

For example, if it's cut up into really small pieces and mixed around a lot in another cooked dish then I can't taste it. Some Indian dishes have cilantro but I don't notice it because they have other strong flavors.

I know that's definitely not the case for many people! Some people can taste it in anything on matter how much there is or how cooked and mixed up it is. Some people have strong allergic reactions to it! That's awful! Their bodies reject it and they feel physically ill!

Is it ok that I'm a member even if I don't have an allergy or hate it with such vehemence? I hope so. I think this is a community where anybody can be accepted, well... anyone that doesn't like cilantro. :)



  • RenettoMario

    Cilantro is Evil. It's only objective is to kill me. I will persevere.