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Wait! Is it Coriander or Cilantro?
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What is

The story of begins with you.

We have found that two kinds of people exist in the world: those who accept the nonsensical and reinforced views of the masses, bowing attentively and unabashedly to its whims, without concern for the ultimate and inevitable ramifications of their mindless submission; and you. You, the thoughtful, intelligent, questioning, sentient being who is awakened and enlightened to the whirlwind of events and ideas about him while standing firm against the onslaught of skewed political ideologies and jaded personal agendas that pound against our doors of sensibility day in and day out, testing the integrity of the deadbolt we have named our freedom to think independently.

You have come to the right place. The community at is your sanctuary away from the thoughtless drones that surround you, encapsulated themselves, unknowingly, by their own incompetence. It is your shelter from the day to day monkey business that defines the Neanderthals who manage it.

Take a deep breath, put yourself at ease, and relax comfortably. Surround yourself with a community of understanding individuals who know where you come from, where you stand, and what you believe. We know what things in our world are good and wholesome, honest and real, and what bring us happiness and satisfaction. We know that cilantro is not among them. is here for the members of an informal community of disparate individuals faced with a choice. Together they have chosen against cilantro. They have chosen against it in their meals, in their kitchens and in their stomachs. And while the rest of the world may not agree with their choice, they make it anyway - bravely and with a commitment to each other.

Share your story about cilantro or coriander here. Support the group that accepts your point of view. Bask in the comfort of an environment where people feel as strongly about cilantro as you do. As a community, our goal is to spread the truth about cilantro and educate our friends. Together we can eliminate cilantro and restore a bit of truth and beauty to our world.

-the staff